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*********************R.I.P. S O P L E Y*********************

Sopley is now an insured Skirmish site and part of the Airsoft Federation

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We now have a mailing list you can subscibe to for all updates of Sopley Airsoft on our contact page.




That's it, SOPLEY is now closed. The website will remain here as a memory to one of the best Urban sites of the UK! This site will now act as a central point of ex regulars of Sopley that are forming a team to play at other sites with Jay. If you think you should be part of the team, please email me through the contact page.


Great day on the 18th, with Combat South coming down with all their troopers. Last two games to go and then we are outta here, lets make em special......


Well, the day has come, we have to announce that SOPLEY will be closing down on the 1st of August. We will still run a few more games, namely: 30th May 20th June 4th July 18th July 1st of August So if you want to enjoy the last few times, these are the final dates. For the 30th of May, please call Jay on 01425 674525 to book your place. Let's play Urban for these last few times and spread the word if no one has had a chance yet.


Alot of players on the 16th and the weather was great. Pathfinders came around a played aswell. All the pictures and a few movies of the days events in our Pictures page.


We had a great game on the 25th of April, around 30 ppl showed up. As promised, I have uploaded all the images and movies in our Pictures page, hope you enjoy.


The guys at safezonemagazine.co.uk are giving away a prize. Here is what they say "Win a custom GBB! That’s right we're giving away a Shibuya Custom Works Colt 1911 - Officer Model. We're loosely basing this on the recent Starsky & Hutch film so with that in mind, do your best getting wacky airsoft photos in to us 70's style or otherwise! Just have a laugh and take some crazy photos. As long as its airsoft related its submissable! The photos must be their own work and submitted to the editor at our postal or the following e-mail address: editor@safezonemagazine.co.uk The best photos will be uploaded and then put to public vote (on the SZM online forum) so that a winner can be decided by you! The deadline for this competition is mid May. Read ‘SAFEZONE UK AIRSOFT MAGAZINE’ ISSUE 2# Contact the advertising manager via alexking@safezonemagazine.co.uk, or for editorial queries richtornambe@safezonemagazine.co.uk. Or go onto www.safezonemagazine.co.uk for more information on media packs and ordering details."

Sopley's organizers will be taking picutures on the 25th of April, so let us know if you want your picture taken for this.


Game of the 14th of March was pouring rain, but that is great, as no one can hear you coming! Around 26 people showed up, so even teams of 13, unlucjy for me, infact base invasion was a disaster :-( Lots of new players came along. We have a new Safezone and are now fully insured.


Generally a good game, 28 players,but a bit too many friendly fire kills, though the madaboutairsoft.com team came to play and were great sports.


There are some new games going on "Airsoft Match Shooting", I am afraid that I have not been to the event, but if someone wants to write something about these days, I will be happy to post it or create a forum on it.


Game of the 1st of June saw quite a few regulars, good ol Jimbo was there with his usual arsenal of home made "pea" bombs, (don't ask). Also Eddie gave Jay an idea on a new game where you had to find two envelopes, one with a tool, the other with how to disable a bomb, you had twenty minutes to find the envelopes, locate the bomb and switch it off, great fun with loads of micro attacks. Embassy is smaller now, but much to everyones "joy" a lot more intense.Great turn out on the 11th of May, a couple of new games were tried out.


Great turn out on the 11th of May, a couple of new games were tried out.


I could not make it to the 2nd of Feb day, but got this nice email, so it must have a good one. Sunday 02/2/2003 E-Mail Message From: Chris Moody Email: ***************** Message: This is just a quick note to say...Nice one!! We have never played Urban or had a site marshalled so well before. A credit to the Airsoft Fraturnity! We shall be back. (the big new group from today)


Finally put up the pictures of the Lo Cap day that took place on the 19th of January, a lot of familiar faces to be seen and loads of action pictures.


Well, the New Year started in a great way with our first game, around 16 guys, a lot of new players aswell.


The Sopley team would like to wish all a Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year. A big thanks to all our players for creating excellent gamedays with us. As a Xmas present from us all, we are giving you all the next dates till July 2003, Probably the best present you are all going to get this Year!!!!!


Yesterday was a good Sunday, even though some "people" did not show up at the last minute due to 3 drops of rain. Still, there were around 18 of us, with Jay playing for once rather than marshalling. A couple of newcomers played quite well by the name of Ian and Neil, who I am sure we shall see more of. Others that played were the lads from the Isle of Wight, Dirty Harry, Joe and Gator's troops in their Flecktarn.


Normally, I keep this site totally Airsoft related, but wanted to tell you guys about some excellent PC games that I have found, which if like me, you have a system running Pocket PC, you are going to love. Remember RISK, well this guy has created the same logic and stategy for PC's without all the flashing boring bits. They have got loads of maps aswell. While you are at it, try Slay, another strategy game which has been made really well.


New dates posted to cover all games for 2002.



The games of the 8th and 29th of September will be done only if there are more than 20 players, so if you want to come on either of the games, call to book otherwise in this occasion, they will be cancelled. If you want to be kept informed till the last minute of the situation, sign up to the newsletter through our contact page.



There is a lo-cap game at Sopley with all the usual sort of games(base invasion, el-pres, satalite dish etc) but using lo-caps, shotties and pistol mags only loaded to 15 rounds (only 50-70 rounds per aeg mag and 15 per pistol mag etc). You will still have to book with Jay to make sure about final numbers, also Jay doesnt have many lo-cap mags so it would be a 1st come basis if you want to hire guns.

If you need more information, please post it in the forum:


Just recieved the following info from one of our regulars, chris who wears the Desert Storm outfit, have a look at the details that are posted on the Forum :


I have put up a whole new forum in PHP as the old one did not allow members and a few other tricks this one has. I have copied and pasted everything that was in the old forum. ( I know, not really a technical way of doing this ) So please refresh your pages with a Ctrl + F5 .


New pictures up of the Sopley Event, 28th July. Team SKUNKWORKS for the Isle of Wight were down in full force, I reckon we had about 35 players from all over. Quite a few new faces aswell. On another note, we would like to point out that Sopley is a Club Site, as mainly regulars come down to have skirmishes, this menas that you should have your own insurance and you must have received a call from Jay or Tim to come down. Please see our "Dates" page for more info.


We got a few new Banners in, so if you would like to see them, or even better, put them on your site to link to us, please click here:


Will from www.jasag.com kindly did the first banner for us, looks pretty cool, so please feel free to use it on your site to link to us. Other news, I have put loads of new pictures on the site, with an area dedicated to nearly all the buildings at Sopley and a couple of panoramic ones too, they are 1.5 mb in size so modem users may have a bit of a wait... ( well worth it though ).



And what a great Jubilee Weekend it was, especially Sunday's game on the 2nd. One game went drastically wrong due to well... bad planning or the fact that we did not have radio communication. LskyD was as brilliant as ever, getting into that building has it's moments!!! Quite a lot of regulars were there as well as some new lads all the way from the Isle of Wight and Leicester. I have put a lot of new photos up, so people can have a better idea about the types of buildings we use, and many of you will recognise the now infamous "Embassy".


A few modifications to the site, new dates are up aswell. We need a banner to give out as Links to our site, any Volunteers? I have created a new thread for all historic polls so you can view and comment on the results.


I have finally put a new chat room in, so you can now see if anyone else is there. Don't forget to vote for me at the bottom of the page, a nice big 10 would be nice :-)


We had a great game on the 14th of April, where Pedro with Sector 7 G team came and played. Check out the forums for further details.

Please only put your email address in our mailing list, as we have control over this, another website decieded to rob the emails from our guestbook to spam people.

I have put some new pictures up and am waiting for somemore to come. I am thinking of changing the chat room, so that you can see if someone else is there or not.


Due to high demand, we have A GAME THIS SUNDAY 14/04/2002.

Please call and leave a message NOW if you want to come...............


Added "Game Ideas" in the Forums, so you can tell us what stategies we can try out.

Great turn out on the 31st of March, around 38 people. We did a new game, escorting El Presidente through the buildings, both targets did not last very long!!! A bit of drizzle in the beggining, but that does not bother Urban gaming. Attacks on the embassy were quite great this time, as no one was able to get in................

New photos should be up by the end of week.

Next game is on the 28th of April.







Sopley is an Ex Raf base from the 50's which was built to withstand a rocket attack, but they did not count on us Airsofters storming the " Embassy ", one of the many buildings found within the Sopley compound.

Urban airsoft is totally different to Woodland, love it or hate it, this game is seriously close quarters, jumping into buildings, hiding behind walls, waiting behind a doorway till someone enters!! The game basis itself against totally different strategies than woodland, as once you are in a building, you will have no idea in which room someone is in. Rain does not affect gameplay aswell.

There are around 14 different building which are completely different to each other and many games are based around real events, such as taking over an Embassy or defending a ammo dump. People love sniping down other players from windows, " See but not be Seen " .

The games.
At Sopley, we have varied types of games, with the bonus of using the buildings, every game is completely different. We are a club site, so mainly regulars are invited to play, as gameplay remains clean and leaves Sopley with an exceptional record of fair play. Should you wish to come down, you must phone Jay through our contact page and request a place and you must have your own insurance.

Here are a sample of games we do:

Defending the Ammo dump.

Entering the Caves.

Storming the Embassy.

Capture the Flag.

Combo of Defending and attacking bases.

Sniper Attack

Escorting El Presidente